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Pure Iron



C :0.003% max, Mn :0.15% max,  P :0.015% max, S 0.008% max, Si 0.030% max

YTO,YT01.   rust removal

Grades of pure iron for raw materials (burden pure iron) are YT1F, YT2F, YT3, YT4, YT00, YT0 and YT01. YT01 is the best in terms of product purity and other indicators. The main types are round steel (Φ20-Φ100 mm), and square steel (30 * 30 * 220 to 250 * 250 * 6000mm, the length can be determined as required, of which 70 *70 * 300mm is best known). Pure iron for raw materials, remarkable for low carbon (C: 0.002), low phosphorus (P: 0.005), and low sulfur (S0.004), is your optimum option for melting. Such pure iron is applicable to neodymium iron boron (NeFeB), stainless steel smelting, foundry, and alloy industries.

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