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Ferromanganese Open in New Window: Ferromanganese

Description: Kinds Mn (% min) C (% max) Si (% max)

Graphite Ball

Graphite Ball Open in New Window: Graphite Ball

Description: Mainly used as Ingot protectants in steelmaking industry. Graphite ball is made from broken graphite materials, after the process of  ingredients, stir elam, extrusion forming, drying, then form the spherical structure with certain intensity. It is mainly


kaoline Open in New Window: kaoline

Description: Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions

Dead burnt magnesite

Dead burnt magnesite Open in New Window: Dead burnt magnesite

Description:     Dead-burned magnesite, also known as refractory magnesia, is produced from the heating of magnesite or magnesium hydroxide and is the primary component in refractory materials. The refractory industry is the greatest consumer of magnesium compounds, overall. Refractory


silicomangan Open in New Window: silicomangan

Description:   Specifications Si: 14% 17% 20% min Mn: 60% 62% 65% max C: 1.8% max S: 0.04% max P: 0.10%-0.30%


Ferro-vanadium Open in New Window: Ferro-vanadium

Description:   Brand Chemical Compositions (%) V C

brown fused Alumina

brown fused Alumina Open in New Window: brown fused Alumina

Description: Composition Al2O3: 94.5%~96% min Fe2O3: 0.3% max SiO2: 1.5% max TiO2: 3.0% max Moisture: 0.5% max B.D.: 3.85g/ccm Size: 0-1,1-3,3-5mm   90% min   Brown fused Alumina

Mullite/Mullite Sand

Mullite/Mullite Sand Open in New Window: Mullite/Mullite Sand

Description: Mullite   Product mullite

White fused alumina

White fused alumina Open in New Window: White fused alumina

Description:     White Fused Alumina   is produced by fusing alumina block in an electric arc furnace under carefully controlled conditions. The material produced is white in color, dense and has predominantly large crystals of Alpha Alumina. Ingots are crushed, ground,

Nut coke

Nut coke Open in New Window: Nut coke

Description: Spec:   Ash          13..5%   Max Vdaf /       1.5%    Max  

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